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Sneak Preview

We have been working very hard on CloudPage behind the scenes, but it is all taking much more time than we anticipated. We planned to have a public beta by now already, but the truth is we haven't got it yet. But progress is made and we are getting there slowly but surely.

We did want to give you a heads up though so that you know what you are waiting for. Here is a preliminary screen shot that gives you a very first impression of the basic functionality, but much more will follow.

CloudPage will be somewhere between a Document Management System, a file sharing solution (like DropBox) and a collaboration tool (like SharePoint). It will be a place where you can put your important files and share them with colleagues and customers. The GUI will ergonomic and easy to use for everyone.

The whole solution will be based on a Virtual Private Server per customer. So each customer will have it's own linux OS based server that can be hosted on any hypervisor based platform (like VMWare or Hyper-V).

You can make CloudPage accessible to certain users only through login/password but also based on IP adress through a build-in firewall and build-in VPN server. So it is not a Public Cloud solution like many others offer. It is a true Private Solution. You can determine yourself who has access or not.

We will offer the service through several hosting partners and there will be a simple fee per user per month. And yes you can host it on premise or in your own existing private cloud. You can determine yourself where your data is stored.

We still have a long way to go, but we hope this has at least raised your interest. A long the way we will update you with more information and eventually will call for Beta testers somewhere later this year. If you have any questions about CloudPage or are interested in becoming a partner do contact us please. We'd certainly like to hear your ideas.

You can contact us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +31 (0) 88 9900504

You can also call me directly on +31 (0) 6 109 66 311

Please leave voice mail if we can't answer you right away.

Michel van Osenbruggen